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ADELTE has extensive experience in Airport Services, using the latest technologies and employing highly qualified personnel. Our complete spectrum of technical services focuses on providing our clients with the highest quality of services for high value equipment such as: Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBBs), Preconditioned Air Units (PCAs), Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS), Baggage Handling System, 400hz Power Ground Units (GPUs), Potable Water Supply Units, etc.
Our unique, fully integrated approach makes ADELTE a global partner which not only has the know-how, the experience and the resources to supply on-time, high quality, effective and reliable PBBs and GSE, but also enables airports and airlines to increase operational efficiency, reduce operational costs and extend the service lifespan of apron equipment.


  • Commissioning


    Personalized commissioning programs to ensure that equipment is fully operative and complies with all requirements in terms of efficiency and safety.

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  • Training

    Comprehensive range of Operations and Maintenance training programs carried out by ADELTE’s engineers – instructors with strong pedagogic capabilities and expertise.

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  • Operations

    ADELTE’s highly skilled professionals are trained to operate all airport critical equipment in order to ensure quick, safe and efficient turnaround, every day.

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  • Maintenance


    We provide a complete range of tailored Maintenance Services to guarantee continuous, optimum productivity on the ramp and to ensure fast, safe and on-schedule turnaround.

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  • Spare Parts

    Spare Parts

    ADELTE holds an extensive inventory of spare parts for critical ramp equipments.

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  • Upgrades & Refurbishment

    Upgrades & Refurbishment

    We offer the whole scope of services, from simple upgrades to full refurbishment.

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  • Dismantling & Disposal

    Dismantling & Disposal

    Our expert teams are equipped to handle the dismantling and disposal of any ramp equipment, working on tight schedules and in compliance with safety and environmental regulations.

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